Message from Senior Advisors

September 30, 2020

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the inaugural issue of the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative’s Social Impact Review. Now in its 11th year, Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) fellowship provides an opportunity for senior leaders across industries, governments, nonprofits, and worldwide to come to Harvard for one year of reflection and exploration before entering a new chapter of instigation. The heart of the ALI program is for fellows to use their time at Harvard to develop a social impact project, where they use their skills of advanced leadership to tackle systemic change.

The Social Impact Review is the collective work of a team of current ALI Fellows and ALI Coalition members who have come together leveraging their business expertise, editorial, media and technology skills, and importantly their passion to build an online Review that will serve as a catalyst to convene diverse voices and influence positive change locally, nationally, and globally. The Social Impact Review is a reflection of the richness of the ALI process, one of the few cross-Harvard initiatives, which affords ALI Fellows the opportunity to spend their time connecting with faculty, staff, students and alumni in a range of ways, surfacing emerging ideas, opportunities for collaboration, and service to communities large and small.

Over the coming years, the Harvard ALI Social Impact Review will share the fruits of the ALI leadership process with you, by lifting up cutting edge ideas on important challenges from the breadth of the Harvard community - past, present and future - that ALI Fellows connect with during their time on campus. The Review will also highlight the work of social impact leaders nationally and worldwide. Unbound by a print magazine’s business model, and unhindered by past expectations, the Social Impact Review, will be a forum where established voices can air new ideas, and new voices can find a hearing on some of the most important issues of our time.


David Harris                  Meredith Rosenthal                  Brian Trelstad