The Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative’s (ALI) vision is to unleash the potential of experienced leaders to help solve society's most pressing challenges. Its mission is to provide world-class education, skill-building and collaboration opportunities to a diverse, global community of experienced leaders enabling sustainable social impact at scale.


The Harvard ALI Social Impact Review's mission is to be a thought leader in social impact by bringing together diverse stakeholders and perspectives to raise awareness, influence action, and catalyze positive change in addressing the world's significant social challenges.

The Social Impact Review features articles that have persuasive arguments, compelling narrative, and clear policy recommendations with leadership being a cross-cutting theme throughout. It will address major social impact themes and pathways including:

Climate & Environmental Solutions

Democracy, Law & Human Rights



Racial & Gender Equity

Social Enterprise & Economic Development


The Social Impact Review was founded in 2020 by Susan Lynch, Patricia Lewis and Mwaba Kasese-Bota, during their first semester as Harvard ALI Fellows in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  During this time, many of society’s longstanding inequalities were more fully exposed as was the unexpected positive impact that the global shutdown had on the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic spotlighted for all where this world needs to focus its collective energy: health, structural racism, the environment, education, poverty and inequality, to name a few. The Social Impact Review aims to raise awareness and propose solutions to advance social progress and implement social change across this nation and our world.